Why Walking Is a Simple Yet Truly Effective Workout Anyone Can Enjoy

Walking for Weight Loss

There is an ongoing debate about the effectiveness of a good walk versus running. Most individuals believe running to be more effective. However, the truth is quite contrary to that. In fact, walking is more beneficial than running for extensive periods of time.

Anyone Can Lose Weight by Walking

People who are obese have a hard time exercising or running to slim down. This is because their weight is too great. Their heart is already under immense stress. If they induce any more stress on the heart, they could have serious health issues.

However, walking is one exercise anyone can do. Obese individuals can start slow. They can walk for small periods of time. Over time, if they feel up to it, they can increase the intensity gradually. Walking burns a substantial amount of fat for obese individuals and does not strain the body too much.

Ideal for Time-Constrained Individuals

Most people do not have any time for exercising. This is because they spend long hours working. Moreover, they have to attend to their family. They hardly get time to go to the gym and exercise to stay fit.

However, anyone can indulge in walking. Instead of driving or taking the bus to work, you can walk to work. You can also consider climbing the stairs instead of taking the elevator. If your office is on a high floor, you should walk up a few floors. Once you feel tired, you can go the rest of the way on the elevator.

Calories Burnt

The most common misconception is that running burns more calories than walking. This is true to a certain extent; but in most cases, you will burn more calories if you walk. If you run to a particular location, you will reach the destination quicker. You won’t be able to burn calories for longer.

However, if you walk to the same place, you will induce calorie burn for a longer period of time. This is why you should walk and get a gradual but constant calorie burn.

Increasing Intensity

Over time, one can get used to this exercise. It may prove to be less effective than when you started. However, you can increase the intensity gradually. For instance, if you walk one mile a day, consider walking two miles per day. This way you will be able to get a continuous fat burn, and you will see substantial results.

If you want to see substantial fat-loss results, be sure to walk every day.

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