How to Decide if the Weight Loss Shot is Right for You

Weight loss shot

In a society obsessed with selfies and how one looks, weight loss is serious business and worth a lot of money. A quick internet search will undoubtedly show you how many different methods there are to achieve your desired weight. You can change your diet, exercise more, take dietary supplements, get surgery, try over the counter pills, ask your doctor for some FDA-approved prescription drugs or try a weight loss shot.

There is a long list of things to consider and your physician should be one of your first consultants and advisers. Your physician knows your medical history better than any other health professional or expert. It is important to inform your doctor before taking any drugs to ensure you will not be burdened with unexpected side effects. A possible weight loss method is a weight loss shot, such as Saxenda. This is the latest approved drug you can get as a daily injection. Still, is a shot like this right for you?

Any injection taken for weight loss has to be accompanied with an exercise plan and a reduced-calorie diet. Getting an injection is relatively easy. However, changing your diet and incorporating exercise into your daily routine are lifestyle changes that take more time and perseverance. You also have to analyze your condition; How bad is your health? Are you at a serious risk of having a heart attack or stroke due to your weight?

Unless you’re obese and/or have other weight related health problems, you should consider lifestyle changes before considering alternative methods. You should not begin with the weight loss shot. If you are thinking of getting a weight loss shot, you need to research the shots available to you. Consider all the health benefits you may reap from the injection, but also consider the side-effects you are at risk of, if any. Take into account the cost of the shot and how long you will have to take it for. Are you willing and able to make the lifestyle changes required to go with the shot?

There are many factors to consider if you want to get a weight loss shot. Start by talking to your doctor and reading about all the options available to you. Once you speak with a medical professional on the subject, the decision will be much easier to make.

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