Unhealthy Foods Many Americans Believe are Good for Them

Unhealthy Foods Americans

What’s worse than eating unhealthy foods all the time? Eating them when you had been under the impression you’d been making the healthful choice. Knowing which foods are and are not good for you isn’t always as straightforward as you think. This can be highly problematic when you had been under the impression you were doing your body a lot of favors.

As a result of strategic marketing from food companies, many Americans have been left to believe that a large number of unhealthy foods are actually good for them. This doesn’t have anything to do with ignorance or foolishness. Those marketers have been very careful to make nutrition and benefits claims that would come with explanations that sound quite plausible.

From skewed research results to surprising ingredients, unhealthy foods are practically everywhere. The trick is to know how to spot them.

The following are some of the unhealthy options that have been masquerading as nutritious friends:

“Fat free” and “low Fat” processed foods

For decades, we were told that fat was the enemy. This led to an explosion in foods that slashed the fat so we could continue to enjoy our favorite meals only without that dreaded extra fat. Unfortunately, recent studies have shown that fat is far from the villain we’d once thought it was. Moreover, products that have had the fat removed are often worse than their original versions because they have been filled with sugars, sodium and other unhealthful ingredients in order to replace the lost flavor and texture.

Junk food with a gluten-free label

Gluten has unfairly received a very bad name in the United States. While people with celiac disease and certain other digestive disorders may struggle to digest gluten, the rest of the population does not actually find it problematic. And still, we have come to label this substance as unhealthy. Therefore, in the hopes of making a more nutritious option, many people are turning to gluten free junk food as an alternative to their typical favorites. The problem there is that junk food remains junk food regardless of how much or how little gluten it contains.

Fruit juices

Fruit juices were once seen as exceptionally healthy options. After all, it’s just the juice from a fruit, and fruit is healthy, right? Unfortunately, much of the fruit juice found in grocery stores isn’t just the juice from a whole fruit. It has lots of added sweeteners (many that are slipped in under innocent sounding names such as pear juice or grape juice). Moreover, even the juice taken exclusively from the fruit – therefore having only one ingredient on the label – doesn’t contain the flesh of the fruit: the fiber. This means you’re getting all the sugar from the fruit, without many of the other nutritional benefits. You may as well be drinking flavored sugar in many cases.

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