How to Shed Excess Fat for Swim Season

Shed Excess Fat for Swim Season

If you want to know how to shed excess fat for swim season then you’d best be ready to take some fast action as you don’t have a lot of time. That said, you should also be willing to take a very realistic perspective about this as there will be only so much of a difference you can make to your weight in such a small amount of time.

It is much more likely that you will be able to reduce water retention and lose a pound or two in terms of being able to shed excess fat for swim season this year. That said, you can get started with your great habits to lose the extra weight only to continue them throughout spring break and then onward into the future.

The reason is that if you try to take drastic action to shed excess fat for swim season in huge amounts, you’ll only find yourself dealing with even more weight after you come back from your vacation. Why? Because every ultra-rapid weight loss strategy comes with the unavoidable side effect of rebounding weight that comes back far faster than it would have before the fad diet.

For this reason, you can scrap all ideas of detox flushes, fasting cleanses and ultra-low calorie diets. They not only won’t live up to their promises of huge amounts of fast weight loss, but they’ll also slow your metabolism to the point that everything you eat over spring break will pack on more pounds than they would if you went as you are now.

For some realistic weight loss before you squeeze into your bathing suit, to help you look your best without having it rebound while you’re still there or right after you get home, follow these tips:

· Eat lots of veggies

Fill half your plate with vegetables at every meal. The other half of your plate should be made of whole grains and lean protein. That way, you’ll boost your fiber and nutrition. You will take in enough protein that you’ll continue burning fat and not muscle, and you’ll keep up your strength so you’ll be able to exercise.

· Exercise in a way that is appropriate to your fitness level

You may want to exercise intensely as much as you can to burn off the excess fat, but there is a down side to that effort. To start, you’ll hurt your metabolism. That said, if you’re not normally that active, you’ll place yourself at a high risk of hurting yourself. The last thing you want to do is injure yourself right before you’re headed to your first swimming sessions!

· Try a diet pill with clinically researched ingredients

Try a diet pill like Phentramin-d to help support you in the healthy efforts you make to burn off the extra weight.

· Hydrate

Don’t forget that dehydration causes you to retain water. Instead, drink lots of water to keep it flowing through you and not staying stored in your body’s tissues.​

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