Nausea During Exercise: Is it Normal?

Nausea During Exercise

One of the most frustrating things that can occur during a workout is to experience nausea during exercise. It can build gradually or it can come on quite suddenly, and it can make it difficult – or even impossible – to complete a workout.

One of the most common myths about nausea during exercise is that it occurs only to people who are either obese or out of shape. However, that is not the case. It can be perfectly normal in people of any fitness level or body type. It is less common in people who are more physically fit, but it can still happen to anyone from someone who walks every day to a marathon runner.

The following are the most common reasons that people experience nausea during exercise:

Eating too much before exercising

While it is very important to eat before a workout in order to ensure your top performance, to give your muscles fuel and to provide you with energy, eating too much can be problematic. Try to wait at least an hour after eating a meal before you work out. Also, try not to consume a large meal before you exercise intensely. Give yourself the chance to start digesting what you’ve eaten before you dive into your workout.


Dehydration is one of the most common causes behind nausea that is experienced during a workout. It’s very important to hydrate yourself throughout the day, but many people fail to keep that up throughout their exercises. During a workout, try to drink about half a cup of water every fifteen minutes. This will help you to keep up your hydration and keep down your lunch.

Low blood sugar

It is important not to overeat before exercising, but it’s also very important to make sure you eat something. All too many people think that exercising on an empty stomach is a good idea because they want to burn more calories, but there are side effects to this strategy. Among them is nausea as well as fatigue, dizziness, headache, decreased performance and other struggles.


If you’re nervous or anxious ahead of a workout, it can lead to the feeling of nausea once you start moving around. Try to ease into an intense workout with hydration, meditation, warm ups and breathing exercises that will help to bring your anxiety down before you get started.

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