If You’re Prescribed Adipex Pills, Do You Have to Take Them?

Adipex Pills, Do You Have to Take Them?

If you’re prescribed Adipex pills, do you have to take them? Are they a requirement of obesity treatment? To understand the right decision for yourself, it’s a good idea to learn more about the medication and carefully discuss any concerns you have with your doctor.

If You’re Prescribed Adipex Pills, Do You Have to Take Them?

Has your doctor given you a prescription for Adipex pills because you’ve been having a really hard time losing weight and you have a lot of weight to lose? You might be wondering if you actually have to take those Adipex pills just because your doctor prescribed them. Well, you wouldn’t be alone if that’s the case. A lot of people end up getting a prescription for Adipex, but they never actually get that prescription filled and they never end up taking the Adipex pills.

Technically speaking, you are not required to take a drug just because it was prescribed to you.  You are free to make choices on your own behalf.  That said, these medications are not taken lightly by doctors. Therefore, if you’re prescribed Adipex pills, you may not have to take them, but it’s very important to talk to your doctor if you don’t want them.  Informing yourself is vital, because there are very specific medical reasons those pills were selected for you.

Tip: Adipex is the brand name version of Phentermine, which is the generic version, so when you look up information on Adipex, you can also check out what information is out there about Phentermine as well.

Consider the Benefits and Drawbacks of Adipex

Like all diet pills, whether you get them with a prescription or you purchase them over the counter, there will be benefits and drawbacks to consider when it comes to Adipex.

  • The benefits of Adipex include the fact that it can help suppress your appetite. If you are the type of person who is having trouble losing weight because you can’t stop your cravings, or you have a lot of trouble with cutting calories every day and controlling your portions, then Adipex might be super helpful. As long as you use it as directed by your physician, you will likely find that this prescription diet pill can help you feel less hungry throughout the day. At mealtime, you might find that you are full and satisfied sooner, and you will be less hungry in between meals as well. This will make it easier to control your intake of calories and fat.
  • However, there are drawbacks to consider as well. These include side effects, which are discussed in greater detail below, and the fact that this product might also result in dependency or addiction. That’s right, if you take this product for too long, your body might end up becoming dependent on it. This is one reason why it is critical that you follow your doctor’s dosing instructions extremely carefully, and that you anticipate only using this product for a short span of time, such as several weeks or a couple of months. Plus, your doctor might even advise you on how to gradually wean yourself off of Adipex when it is time to stop using it, so you can avoid any possible withdrawal symptoms.

Read Through Adipex Reviews Written by Other Patients

Adipex is a prescription diet pill that has been around for many years, so a lot of people have already used it. If your doctor has evaluated your health and weight, and he or she has determined that Adipex would be an appropriate tool for you to use to hit your target weight with greater ease, then it is worth looking into what other people have had to say about this product after they gave it a try. Besides, you can get answers quickly by doing a super simple search on the internet at home!

Once you start searching for reviews that have been written about Adipex by the patients who have already tried it, you will quickly realize that there are a lot of mixed opinions. While some people have achieved some pretty incredible results with the help of Adipex, others have found that this prescription caused too many side effects to continue using it. Some people have even discovered that it wasn’t as effective as they had hoped that it would be.

Ultimately, like all other prescription medications and weight loss products, Adipex will work better for some people, but it won’t provide the same exact results for everyone because everyone is different.

Adipex Pills and Side Effects

If you are going to take Adipex, which is a strong prescription weight loss product, you need to take it very carefully and according to your doctor’s instructions. Taking these pills incorrectly can increase the risk of potentially dangerous side effects, and if you take these pills for too long, you may even end up becoming dependent on them (a.k.a. addicted to Adipex). Not fun!

According to Drugs.com, some of the potential side effects of taking Adipex include:

  • Dizziness
  • Fainting
  • Heartbeat that is racing, pounding, fast, or irregular
  • Tingling or numbness in the legs or arms
  • Trembling of the arms, hands, feet, or legs
  • Difficulty breathing, speaking, walking, or thinking
  • Weakness
  • Reduced ability to exercise
  • Chest pain
  • Headache

If these side effects make you uneasy about taking Adipex pills to lose weight, you do not need to take them just because they were prescribed by your doctor.

You Have Other Options!

If you have weighed the pros and cons of taking Adipex to lose weight, and you have really given it some thought, it is totally normal to come to the conclusion that this product isn’t really right for you, even if your doctor thinks that it would be fine to give it a try.

Remember, follow your instinct to make the appropriate decision. If it doesn’t feel right, then it might not be the best path to take after all. Thankfully, there are loads of other options that you can consider, with the help of your physician, so you won’t need to settle for Adipex if you don’t want to!

What Else Could Your Doctor Recommend?

First off, your doctor can recommend other prescription diet pills that might be better suited to your preferences and needs. These can be just as easy to take, and they can deliver amazing results as well. But they also come with the risk of side effects, so you’ll need to do your research in this case as well.

If you don’t want to take any prescription diet pill at all because you don’t want to take something that is too powerful, or that can potentially cause serious side effects, there are many over-the-counter products that you can look into. That’s right: in addition to other prescription diet pills, there are also alternatives to Adipex pills that you can purchase over the counter and without a prescription.

The important fact to remember about those pills is that they are developed to support overweight dieters as they change their eating and exercising habits. These are not the same as prescription obesity medications.

Still, rather than taking the prescription for Adipex, you can certainly talk to your doctor about these over-the-counter alternatives. Just be aware that there are a lot of these types of products out there, so doing plenty of research, reading claims thoroughly, and checking users’ reviews are all smart strategies that you can use to find the product that is best for your needs. Once again, just take your time when deciding, so you can be sure you’re making the ideal choice.

Talk to Your Doctor

Bottom line: if you are at all reluctant to take the Adipex that your doctor has prescribed, you should talk to your doctor about how you feel, including why you are feeling apprehensive. In this way, you can both find the alternative option that is right for you.

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