How Building Bigger Muscles Gives You More Fat Burning Power

Building Bigger Muscles to Burn Fat

Most people think of burning fat and building muscle as a separate thing. But did you know you have to do one thing in order to successfully do another? You can always burn calories doing nothing but cardio but you will not get the more permanent result you would get from burning fat while building bigger muscles.

How it works

This is simple once it’s explained. When you are building bigger muscles you are sending oxygen to all the large muscle groups. You are also tearing the delicate muscle fibers within them and your body is repairing them. So, this means calories that are used for energy and for healing are being used at a higher rate than they would be if you were just on a diet. In other words, you are giving your body a task to do and telling it how much it needs to do it!

Why it works better than just cardio

When you do cardio you almost have to work harder just to get the same result or less. You have to work the heart muscle this way and not target any of the large muscle groups with resistance. However, in saying that–most people believe the opposite because it doesn’t take very much resistance to burn more calories than say, just walking on a treadmill. However, this is much different than “building” muscle. Building bigger muscles is the very best and most permanent way to burn calories and lose weight.

The best way to accomplish this

Building bigger muscles is not a difficult thing per se but if you don’t do it right–you could be wasting a lot of time.

How to do this the easy way

Your workout can be adjusted to suit how much you want to “cut up” the muscles in the body. “cutting up” is the term widely used in bodybuilding. If you are just after quicker calorie burn then resistance that is a bit more tuned up is in order.

Tuning up your weights

This is simple. The first thing you do is start with a five pound weight. This sounds like nothing but it needs to be this way to show your body that it has to react to resistance. Then, every three days, make it higher until you can no longer do free weights and have to cross over to nautilus.

If you do your resistance training like this and you work out 3 times a week steady–then you will see the first 10 pounds come off fast. After than you will see muscle tone faster than you normally would and then you would build muscle better and faster. When this begins to happen and you see muscle when you flex, you will see the calories burn off naturally too. This is the pattern you should see in the first 3 months.

What else to consider

When you are done, and you’ve lost the weight by building bigger muscles, you will be certain to keep the weight off and the great muscle on if you continue to eat the right food and the right fats to feed your muscles.

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