Hot or Cold Drinks for Better Weight Loss

Hot or Cold Drinks for Weight Loss

Does drinking hot or cold drinks in order to lose weight really matter? There are a few theories going around the weight-loss forums right now and we can lend some insight here.

How does hydration affect performance?

Studies have shown that there is a link between becoming too tired to do more reps at the gym and being sufficiently hydrated. If you are dehydrated, you simply won’t do much at the gym. You also won’t get sufficient hormone release to deal with fat burn and this is a problem. So what we know so far is water—any temp is needed—period.

Water tips from the pros:

Trainer Chris Powell recommends that you can drink cold water to hydrate yourself and it does end up quenching thirst better. But if you want to eat less and feel full—he says—to drink warm water for that purpose. The theory that cold water burns more calories is correct but you are only looking at 8 calories. The idea of drinking cold water means that it will satisfy you more after sweating it out in a workout.

Drinking a warm or hot glass of water will make you feel fuller quicker after a meal if you drink it a short while prior to eating it. This is also great prior to eating snacks. So which is better…drinking hot or cold drinks for weight loss? Both, at different stages—make sure you have the reusable bottle to fill with warm water along with another in the freezer for ice cold water prior to and after the workout.

In a study published by the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition of Dietetics it was observed that obese people who drank around two cups of water prior to eating breakfast, ate 13% fewer calories. However in the year prior to that study in 2007—it was found that drinking water after eating did not do very much in the way of weight loss for those over the age of 35.

So the verdict is in on whether hot or cold drinks are better for weight loss. It does to a certain extent but it is not a weight loss miracle. It is simply a tool to make you feel full and burn a couple of calories here and there—but nothing to write home about.

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