Hormones and Weight Loss

Hormones and Weight Loss

Your hormones and weight loss go hand in hand. In fact your hormones have everything to do with weight loss. Hormones affect metabolism, where the weight gain goes, and how hard it is to lose weight. That is part of the reason that some people reset and boost their hormone production to lose weight. Hormone and hormone production are affected by how much or little sleep you get, certain foods, stress and other factors.

Sleep is vital for hormones and weight loss. Really sleep is important for overall good health. Getting 7-9 straight, uninterrupted hours of sleep each night boosts the production of the human growth hormone. The production of HGH can make weight loss more rapid, keep you looking younger, and prevents the storage of fat in many trouble places. HGH is most rapidly produced when the person goes to sleep between 10 P.M. to 2 A.M.

There are also certain foods that produce a higher amount of hormones and weight loss than other foods. Foods that boost human growth hormone production are nuts such as almonds, Brazil nuts, cashews, pumpkin seeds, walnuts, and hazelnuts. Other foods that boost HGH production are lean meats such as turkey, chicken, lean beef, shrimp, egg whites, and salmon. These foods are also good at helping you build muscle mass which also makes you lose weight.

Your hormone production is also affected by how much stress you carry around. In your day to day life you encounter many different stressful situations. You have work stress, school stress, physical stress, and many other stress factors. Stress prohibits the production of good hormones that help you to lose the weight and can put weight on in trouble areas.

There are many factors that produce or inhibit production of hormones. Hormones have everything to do with weight loss, it is the reason you can lose weight, and dictates what speed you can lose weight at. Hormones also determine where you will accumulate fat. Hormone production can also be increased with exercise, especially weight lifting.

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