Healthy Low Calorie Snacks You’ll Love

Low Calorie Snacks - Sweet Potato Fries

Everyone knows that when you are trying to keep weight under control, it is hard to deal with eating in-between meals without the guilt and worry about the calories. The good news is, there are great low calorie snacks that you can eat freely that are also great tasting!

Yummy sweet potato fries: These are the best little low calories snacks that are very addictive. The good thing is, it’s safe to be as addicted as you like. Cut sweet potatoes into large wedges, about ¼ inch thick and even. Place on baking sheet with extra virgin olive oil, and bake at 450 until fork tender.

Popcorn with a twist: like spice? Take a bag of plain popcorn and add a small amount of plain margarine. Put sprinkles of chili powder and garlic on it, shake the bag to mix and enjoy!

Not so naughty Nacho’s: These are the original with a twist. Sometimes just a minor adjustment to an old favorite does the trick. Switch regular corn chips for whole wheat corn chips which are readily available everywhere now. Also cut the amount of cheese and if you are doing the full Monty loaded then use turkey meat with no pepperoni.

Brown Rice: What? Yup, brown rice heated and kept aside can be topped with hummus or salsa or a black bean, peppers and roasted corn.

Turkey and apple wraps: Honey mustard spread on whole wheat wraps with turkey meat and thin slices of apple is a fabulous 75 calorie mix.

More tasty apples: Core a soft green apple like Granny Smiths or even a Fuji. Put in microwave safe dish. Cover with a little brown sugar and cinnamon and cook on high for 3-4 minutes. Add some raisins, dates or some sweet fruit and maybe nut butter to taste. Be creative, just low cal and you can lose weight and get healthier.

Chocolate Drizzled Fruit Skewers: Cut fun fruit in wedges of equal sizes and stick on wooden skewers and drizzle with melted dark chocolate. These low calorie snacks are mouthwatering!

The ideas here are geared to get you to be creative with a variety of health foods and snack healthier for life. This will place you in a position to keep weight off and also stay healthy for the long haul with good and tasty food habits! Low calories snacks may just find their way to your favorites list.

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