Healthy Holiday Cookie Recipes

Healthy Holiday Cookie Recipes

Almost everybody loves the holidays, and most of those people are big fans of the holiday treat selection that comes along with the joyous season. At the same time, there is a common theme that says the holidays are terrible for a person’s otherwise trim waistline. Wouldn’t it be nice to have the best of both worlds—a delicious recipe used to create a healthy holiday cookie? Well, now that is possible because more and more people are embracing the possibilities that come with modern healthy cooking methods.

Discover Healthy Recipe Alternatives

There are several ways to make a pan of healthy holiday cookies without having to create something that nobody has ever heard of. Indeed, sticking to tradition is completely possible as long as you opt for low-fat or fat-free ingredients. Check the labels of your traditional recipe ingredients and see if there are any ways to substitute out sugars for natural sweeteners, butters for organic oils (or even applesauce), and so on. You might be pleasantly surprised by what you discover, and your guests will be even happier about what you create.

Use Organic Ingredients

A lot of the most traditional holiday cookie recipes call for whole foods, but our modern times have created an unhealthy need for artificial ingredients, preservatives, and additives that ultimately turn our bodies into mush. If, however, you use organic ingredients in your healthy holiday cookies, then you and your guests will benefit from the intrinsic value of those items. Not only that, but none of you will have to deal with the adverse side-effects commonly associated with artificial ingredients.

Add Some Healthy Kick to a Traditional Favorite

There might be a holiday cookie recipe that is a favorite among your friends and family, and that is perfectly alright. If you cannot find many ways to incorporate healthy alternatives, or if your ingredients list leaves little room for organic substitutes, then try adding a little something to the recipe to make it a bit healthier. Healthy holiday cookies are easy to create when you are the one in charge, so add some fresh fruit or nuts to the batch and see if that makes a satisfying improvement. Most people love those two items, especially during the holidays, so it is a pretty safe adjustment to make so that everyone can enjoy their favorite healthy holiday cookies without sacrificing the nostalgia of tradition.

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