Healthy BBQ Hacks for a Slimmer Summer

Summer’s here and that means one thing when dinnertime comes around: grilling. These healthy BBQ hacks can help to make sure you enjoy every bite without derailing your weight loss. After all, it is possible to be slim this summer while still eating the grilled foods you love.

Use the following healthy BBQ hacks to keep your waistline where it should be. They’ll even help you to keep up your weight loss efforts if you’re still on the path to reaching your weight goal.

Have everything you need

Before you start cooking, make sure you have enough propane, enough food and enough sauce. If you run out of something, you’ll end up making up for it in a far less diet-friendly way.

Understand portion sizes

This is possibly the best of all healthy BBQ hacks. You can eat any meat you want when you’re grilling, just know what a portion size actually is. With meat, it’s usually a piece about the same size as the palm of your hand.

Don’t just grill meat

If a piece of meat the size of the palm of your hand doesn’t sound like much, don’t fret. You can grill tons of veggies and practically eat as much as you want without guilt. Bell peppers, stuffed tomatoes, zucchini and Portobello mushrooms grill particularly well.

Go light on sauce

Sauces (especially store-bought sauces) are typically high in sugar, sodium and sometimes fat. These can convert an otherwise healthful meal into a calorie-fest that will leave you bloated. Whenever possible, go light on the sauces. Ask for yours on the side if you can. That way, you can decide how much you’ll eat. If it’s already on the meat, scrape off any extra if it is a heavy coating.

Eat skinless chicken

If you’re served chicken with the skin still on, remove it before eating. With it, you’ll take a large number of the calories and fats. This will allow you to enjoy the meat while knowing you’ve made the healthier choice.

Grilling can be a fantastic way to add flavor while keeping calories under control. If you still need an additional advantage, don’t forget that Phentramin-d can do the trick. This diet pill contains appetite suppressants, fat burners and energy boosters. This combination is enough to keep you eating the right portions and ready to burn it off with a great workout.

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