Health Benefits of the Stone Age Diet

Stone Age Diet Health

The stone age diet sound pretty silly but it has a genius method attached to it. Simply put, it is based on the premise that we should be eating the way we did when we were cave men and women. It is a primitive diet and the weight loss effectiveness is questionable—but—the health benefits are many.

What exactly is the stone age diet?

The whole premise of the diet is to go back to eating what we ate before we started consuming processed oils, frozen or canned foods as well as salt, refined sugar etc. This is not a hard diet because you can eat anything that we used to hunt, fish or grow and gather. This is meat, fish, veggies, beans and grains as well as some fruits.

The stone age diet is not a “diet”

The word diet is not what you think here. True, you can lose weight with this diet, but it is more changing your dietary “habits” and your attitude towards food that is the thing that will change the weight factor.

So, what are the health benefits of the stone age diet?

  • Gain mental acuity
  • Maintain a healthier weight
  • Lose excess weight
  • Gain more energy

This way of eating is great for diabetics. People have been known to come off of diabetic drugs after adopting eating this way. There is more energy because this will boost your metabolism and your glucose will level off. You will feel like a new person for sure. The other very important thing that will happen is you will have no more cravings for sweets and processed stuff.

The reason we have weight gain and a lot of diseases is because we have cravings and the reason we have cravings is because we eat things that we get addicted to—like sugar and even salt! So no more ice cream and soda binges! You will crave fruits for sweetness, nuts and berries. You will want protein in meats and fish instead of starchy potatoes. Legumes are a natural food but the stone age diet is geared towards more of a hunter gatherer type deal. But it is easy—just think shooting it or fishing it as well as gathering it but not so much “growing” it. We never grew our food in that time yet but we did hunt and gather.

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