Are Your Feet Always Hurting During Workouts? Try These Solutions

Feet Always Hurting During Workouts

When your feet hurt during your exercise routine, it can make it that much more difficult to finish strong. Thankfully, there are some solutions if you experience feet always hurting during workouts, and some of them are listed below so you can give them a try.

Consider the Surface You Are Working On

The surface that you are working out on can have an impact upon how your feet feel. The harder the surface, the worse your pain could be. After all, if you merely stand on a surface like concrete for a while, you will start to feel foot discomfort, so you can imagine what running on this type of surface can do. If necessary, switch up the surface on which you exercise, and if you exercise indoors, purchase mats that can provide additional support.

Stretch and Strengthen the Feet

Did you know that you can keep your feet flexible and strong? In doing so, you can prevent discomfort and pain. So try to roll the soles of your feet gently on a small ball, such as a golf ball, or walk barefoot around your home to strengthen the feet. Even some yoga poses can work on stretching and strengthening the feet, so give them a try.

Make Sure Your Socks and Shoes Fit Right

Shoes and socks that do not fit properly could result in feet always hurting during workouts.

You need to find a pair of sneakers that will provide just the right amount of support so that your feet won’t be in any pain. For example, you do not want to improperly angle the arches of your feet so that you experience discomfort along the bottoms of the feet, and you do not want your workout shoes to be too wide or too big because then your feet will move around in the shoes and be uncomfortable. And it is also a great idea to choose shoes that are designed for the type of activity that you will be engaging in, as these will be designed to provide your feet with the proper type of support.

On top of that, cotton socks could result in moisture building up and causing blisters on your feet, so sticking with socks made of materials that will naturally wick moisture is the way to go.

With these solutions to feet always hurting during workouts, you can get the relief that you need to make every exercise comfortable and effective. If the problem persists, though, consider consulting with your doctor, who can provide you with personalized treatment options.

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