Exercise Moves That Burn More Fat in Less Time

Exercise Burn More Fat

You want to lose weight or get fit and you know that exercising more is the way to go. There are a million reasons why we may exercise or learn to make this a regular part of our lives, but the reality is that we want results out of it. If we’re going to push ourselves and commit to this aspect of a healthy lifestyle, then we want to get something out of it. If you’re going to workout then you want the exercises that will help you burn more fat, get visible results, and do so in less time than you might expect. That makes for a really winning combination and therefore you want this to be your focus if you’re looking for that true body transformation.

The problem is that so many of us have been conditioned to focus solely on cardio when it comes to fat burning and weight loss. While cardio does have its place, it certainly can’t work alone. You want movements that incorporate not only cardio but also a strength training component. The idea here is that you need to shed and burn away fat, add muscle tone and definition, and therefore positively influence that number on the scale and allow your body to transform in a really effective and noticeable way. Intervals always work well, and movements that emulate them can really work wonders.

Though there are plenty of movements that work the same way, these are the very best exercises that get the whole body in on the act. You will burn more fat and you will push yourself in ways that you never even knew were possible. This is how to get your body to respond favorably and you’ll be glad you invested the time.


This is truly a movement for the entire body and then some! You can perform these at various levels, but you are getting the upper and lower body into it, and you are also incorporating cardio and strength training in a powerful way. Start by standing and then move to plank, then jumping the feet back behind you. Some add a push up here for an extra impact, which is great. Then you jump the feet back up and spring up to a standing position with a jump. You can scale it up or down but you will feel this one working almost instantly, and that means you’re doing it right!

Mountain Climbers

This is another great example of how to get the whole body engaged and involved, and when you push yourself in this way you will get results that you can measure. Start in a plank position and then move your legs quickly back and forth as if you are climbing a mountain. This really helps you to burn more fat because your arms have to support you, and due to the fact that your legs are moving quickly. This is hard to do but it will give you some great value out of the movement overall.


You probably don’t think of an exercise where you hold the position as a fat burner or even as effective, but it really can be. You will feel your body shake tremendously as you try to hold this plank position, and that’s how you know it’s working for you! As you get more experienced at this you can add resistance, increase the time that you hold it, or even do little knee taps. It’s harder than it looks and it gives you great results.

Squats With a Bicep Curl

Compound movements are where it’s at when it come to fat burning and true results. You don’t just want to do a squat that works the lower half well, because when you combine it with a bicep curl for the upper half it’s true power. You get the whole body in on the act, you hold the movement for longer to isolate the muscle groups, and it takes more out of you so it’s a good cardio exercise too. Thinking through interval type of movements or compound exercises will help you to burn more fat in less time, and therefore make the most out of your workouts overall.

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