Dreading Seasonal Weight Gain? Use These Prevention Tips

Seasonal Weight Gain

Have you been watching the temperature drop as you dread the seasonal weight gain that always comes with it? Are you already starting to see all those tempting, calorie-packed foods on store shelves and company parties?

This year, you don’t need to fall victim to seasonal weight gain. It is possible to survive the colder months without bulking up. You simply have to be willing to follow a few simple steps that will give you a considerable prevention advantage.

To start, it’s important for you to understand the main causes of your seasonal weight gain. For some people, it’s because they usually exercise outside. Therefore, freezing cold weather and icy sidewalks send them indoors where they’re less likely to work out. For other people, all the tempting holiday foods are too much to resist and they end up gorging on treats without stopping for two solid months.

Yet other people struggle with the shortened daylight hours that can cause them to struggle with their mood. When you’re feeling down, it’s easy to reach for heavy comfort foods instead of remaining within the boundaries of a nutritious and portion controlled diet.

Use the following tips to keep as many pounds away as possible:

· Don’t stop exercising

A regular fitness routines is just as important to your weight in winter as any other month. That said, being active is even more important than usual when it comes to your mental health. If you want to prepare yourself to keep the winter blues away, think of being more active, not less.

· Eat before every party

If you’re hungry before heading to a holiday party, then you’ll be doomed to overeat. You’ll take in far too much of everything from alcohol to the main meal and desserts. Before going to a party, eat fruits and veggies so their fiber and nutrients will have partially filled you up even before you get there. Then you can enjoy the rich and delicious foods being served, but in smaller portions.

· Skip the alcohol

Even better than having fewer glasses of alcoholic beverages is to skip them altogether when you can. Alcohol is often served in virtually bottomless glasses throughout the holiday season. Unfortunately, alcohol is packed with calories and without any nutritional benefit. If you drink soda water with lemon instead, you’ll stay hydrated, enjoy a fizzy drink and keep your waistline from expanding. It will also mean you’ll be able to drive yourself safely home without having to arrange for a cab or to have to pick up your car the next day, for that matter.

While you’re at it, try using Phentramin-d throughout the entire holiday season. That way, you’ll suppress your appetite, have more energy and burn through more calories, too.

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