Do Copper Fitness Belts Really Work Better Than Others?

copper fitness belts really work

There has been a surge in compression garments that are infused with copper, claiming to help improve your endurance in sports related activities, as well as relieve pain. But do copper fitness belts really work or are they just another scam that you should avoid? Continue reading to learn more about these products so you will not end up wasting your time or your hard-earned money.

The Claims That Are Made

In order to determine if copper fitness belts really work, you need to first be aware of the claims that the manufacturers of these products are making.

Copper infused belts, in particular, are supposedly designed to provide you with extra support within the lumbar region of your spine. With compression technology, the belt is supposed to be able to promote muscle recovery and relief in an area of the body that often feels fatigued and strained by tough workout routines.

But Do They Really Work?

Although manufacturers claim that compression products become even more effective when they are infused with copper, the truth is that there is no real evidence to support this statement.

Consumer Reports reviewed research that was conducted into copper’s use to reduce pain, and the results of the studies proved that even individuals who suffer with arthritis did not feel any relief. Overall, there simply aren’t enough reliable studies that actually support the supposed healing abilities of products, such as fitness belts, that contain copper. Regular compression on its own, on the other hand, can provide some benefits, as it can be used to limit the swelling that occurs within the site of an injury.

Even when it comes to enhancing athletic performance, copper infused fitness belts fall short. Besides, there’s little evidence to prove that compression of muscles actually does anything to improve your performance in the first place.

Save Your Money and Try Other Methods

When it comes to whether or not copper fitness belts really work, the answer is no. You can achieve the same results with regular compression products, and you can also achieve better weight loss results by simply eating right, exercising, and taking a weight management support supplement like Phentramin-D.

Ultimately, before you purchase any fitness products, especially those that make claims that seem too good to be true, it is worth it to do your research. In the case of copper fitness belts, experts have not found enough evidence to prove that manufacturer claims are legitimate, so it is best to avoid these items.

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