Can You Buy Generic Adipex Over the Counter?

Buy Generic Adipex Over the Counter

On the hunt for generic Adipex over the counter? Want to know if it’s even possible to find it? Good questions. After all, this obesity medication is well known for helping people who are following a doctor recommended diet and exercise strategy. It’s no mystery why you’d want to give it a try if you’re struggling with your own weight loss efforts.

Is It Possible to Buy Generic Adipex Over the Counter?

To get the big mystery out of the way right now, the first thing you should know is that it’s not legal to buy generic Adipex over the counter.  Just as you can’t buy the brand name version, the generic drug, Phentermine, is also something that can be purchased only with a doctor’s prescription.  Therefore, no matter whether you shop at a pharmacy in person or online, you’ll need that permission from a licensed doctor before you can make your purchase.

Why Is That the Case?

The reason you can’t buy generic Adipex over the counter is that it is a prescription medication. Regardless of whether you’re buying a brand name version of this drug, it is a serious medication that could be dangerous – or even fatal – if taken by the wrong person.

It’s true that this drug can be very helpful to many obesity patients who are trying to lose weight and need help in overcoming their top challenges. That said, it also comes with certain risks. When a doctor prescribes this drug, they have determined that the potential benefit it can provide to a patient will be greater than the risk it poses to them. However, if a doctor has not assessed this situation, then taking the medication could result in severe unwanted side effects.

Moreover, it’s important to keep regular doctor’s appointments throughout the length of the use of this medication. This makes it possible for the dosage to be adjusted as appropriate, for the right breaks to be taken to keep up its effectiveness and to avoid addiction and withdrawal symptoms, and to avoid unnecessary health risks along the way.

What if You Think You Can Get Generic Adipex Over the Counter?

The internet has a lot more to offer than what is safe and what is legal. This can make it tempting to try to find a place that will sell you generic Adipex over the counter. Moreover, if you do find one, it can be tempting to buy.

It’s important to resist that urge. It is completely illegal and quite dangerous to purchase this medication without a prescription. You could risk being sold a medication that could hurt you, you could use it wrong without a doctor’s guidance or, more likely, you’ll purchase pills that are expired, that have been improperly stored and will therefore work unpredictably, or that don’t contain this medication at all, so that you won’t even know what you’re really taking.

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