Biking to Work can Help You Shed Pounds Quicker than You Think

Biking to Work

It’s a common sight to see people riding their bikes to work. Well, it’s not something surprising as now there are particular bicycle lanes all across the United States so it’s easier. But have you ever wondered why people are jumping on the “biking to work” bandwagon? There are benefits, such as the environmental aspect (no fuel) and obvious cost savings, but there are other benefits which people don’t usually consider.

Biking can help you lose weight at a faster rate without much input. Secondly, as it becomes a part of the routine, it’s easier to stay consistent. You can’t skip it unless of course you are choosing to skip work, which doesn’t happen too regularly. This makes it more powerful as comparatively it’s convenient to stay on track. However, there is more to it then these psychological factors. In contrast with other workouts, biking to work will turn you into a fat burning machine within months.

A case study showed that by pedaling up to 12 miles an hour, you can burn around 500 calories, which is not easy in other type of moderate level of exercise. Cycling speeds up the metabolism so the food is absorbed into the bloodstream quickly. It doesn’t store up as fat in great quantity and even if it does, the process of breaking the fats when it’s required is catalyzed so the next time you eat something, you don’t have to worry about the calories as your metabolism is boosted.

By choosing to bike your way to work, you can increase your chances of losing weight significantly. This is because you can burn as much as 3,000 calories every week without getting involved in any other routine. It’s effective as well as doable. This makes it a good choice for anyone who struggles with sticking to a regular workout routine.

Sports physiologist at Loughborough University, Mark Simpson, has figured out that the effects of biking to work are long-lasting as the fat burning mechanism of the body remains active long after the biking session. It suggests that you can burn more calories as your body forms an ecosystem within itself that supports fat reduction.

Biking to work also enhances bowel function. According to the health experts at Bristol University, biking has a significant effect on our core. The bowel movements support the transportation of food in the body. When you ride your bike to work, your core and legs both are involved in high level of physical activity. The boost in the bowel movements helps in shedding pound quickly.
These are some of the reasons why you should ride your bike to work from now on. As you can see, you will shed pounds quicker than you think.

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