Are you a Candidate for Weight Loss Surgery?

Are You a Candidate for Weight Loss Surgery?

Weight Loss surgery is one of those modern options we have in order to lose the weight we need. However what most people don’t know is—there are requirements for being a candidate for weight loss surgery. Even if you could afford to plunk down the thousands in cash for the process—you may still be turned down—so here you will find out what some of the hindrances are to being a candidate for weight loss surgery.

Do have obesity?

Believe it or not, there are perfectly healthy people walking around with the thought of having lap band surgery done. This is from a prevention perspective that just isn’t healthy and any reputable doctor won’t do it—and with good reason. You should at least be clinically obese or have a health risk associated with obesity to qualify—otherwise it’s dangerous.

Do you have any preexisting health conditions?

If you have some preexisting health conditions, being a candidate for weight loss surgery may be harder and keep you exempt from the surgery because of the risks involved. Some of these conditions are liver, kidney, heart and pancreatic diseases.

What you can expect

A full physical which will assess your weight and your past weight Loss successes and challenges will be assessed. If you have a BMI {body mass index} of 40+ you will be considered. If you have any of the aforementioned conditions then more tests will have to be performed and more assessments completed.

Your physician will complete the necessary assessments before ever referring you to a surgeon. Most insurance will not cover high-risk patients so you need to consult your insurance companies first before you begin.

Mental health

Your mental health will also be taken into consideration. Some people may not be considered due to some pre existing, mental conditions. This is a two-fold consideration for making you a candidate for weight loss surgery. The first consideration is the medications you may be taking that could interfere with the surgery and become a dangerous risk. Sometimes medications can be adjusted—it is an individual thing that would be assessed at the time of the physical and consultation with the primary care physician.

The second consideration is the mental condition of the candidate for weight loss surgery. Some programs for post-surgery success require strict discipline from the patient in order to achieve long-term success. Any lapse in mood that is extreme may hamper the candidate for weight loss surgery and sabotage them.

Most people who really need weight loss for health reasons will qualify as a candidate for weight loss surgery.

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