What Are the Most Common Adipex Side Effects?

Most Common Adipex Side Effects

Are you thinking about talking to your doctor about taking Adipex to lose weight? Sure, it’s a really popular prescription diet pill, and a lot of people have achieved really great results while taking it. But there are risks to consider. For example, you need to know about the Adipex side effects that might occur if you decide to use this diet pill to shed pounds.

What are the most common Adipex side effects? We cover this important information below but be sure to talk to your doctor to get some personalized advice, and to learn even more about the pros and cons of this prescription diet pill before you decide to try it.

Some Common Adipex Side Effects

Phentermine (the generic form of brand name Adipex) comes with a variety of side effect risks.

Note: If you end up experiencing any side effects while you are taking Adipex, it is really important to let your doctor know how you are feeling. He or she might tell you to continue taking the product, or you might be required to stop using it. If that’s the case, don’t worry, as there are plenty of other diet pills to choose from, including those that you can buy over the counter instead.

So, what are some of the common Adipex side effects to take into consideration before you opt to give this diet pill a try? Well, they include:

  • Dry mouth
  • Impairment of taste
  • Nervousness
  • Trouble sleeping
  • High blood pressure 

Other Things to Consider Besides Adipex Side Effects

Remember, Adipex is a strong prescription diet pill that should only be used under the direction of your doctor. Follow his or her dosing instructions extremely carefully. Do not take more than you should and stick to the dosing schedule that your doctor has provided.

Also, this product is designed to be taken only for a short span of time, such as for several weeks, before stopping. Your doctor will tell you when you are no longer allowed to take Adipex for weight loss because the risk of dependency is too high if you take the product for too long. 

Ultimately, Adipex might be just what you need to take your weight loss efforts to the next level. However, if Adipex isn’t right for you, or you are not allowed to continue using it anymore, check out the many diet pills, like FENFAST 375, that you can buy over the counter to support your efforts to slim down.

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