Adipex Libido Effects

Adipex Libido Effects

There are a number of Adipex libido effects that are not entirely uncommon for users of this medication. This drug is known for its sexual side effects, particularly in causing a decreased sex drive and impotence (in men). This can be frustrating for the patient, cause challenges in relationships, and can be difficult on the individual’s self confidence and overall psychological well being.

The Adipex libido effects are, unfortunately, rarely positive ones, as the change in sex drive is usually a decrease. It is not yet known what percentage of the users of this product actually experience changes in their sex drive, and studies have not yet determined what percentage have experienced a lower versus a higher sex drive. This can occur in both men and women who are using this prescription diet pill. Though it is not considered to be threatening to the health of the patient, it is still recommended that it be brought up with the doctor during the check up appointments that are made and maintained throughout the use of the drug.

Impotence is one of the more uncomfortable Adipex libido effects among men. This has been defined as a complete inability to be able to achieve an erection, an inconsistent ability to reach an erection, or the tendency to gain an erection but that will only be sustained for a brief time. Essentially, it means that a man will be unable to consistently achieve or maintain an erection that will allow him to engage in sexual intercourse. It is not yet known what percentage of the users of this drug experience this problem.

It is not possible for a doctor to be able to determine in advance whether or not a patient will experience either of these types of Adipex libido effects, as it does not appear to be specific to any specific type or associated medical condition. They can present a challenge to the drug’s user and, depending on the individual, it may make the weeks that they are using this drug unpleasant to the point where it might negate the benefits it offers in terms of weight loss. Other patients find that as it is only a short-term treatment for obesity, they are able to ignore the issue for that time.

Though some patients find that the Adipex libido effects will decrease after a few days or the first week or two of treatment, others find that they continue throughout the entire course of the drug’s use. Talking about it with your doctor can offer a way to reduce the problem, such as changing the dosage.

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