The Truth About Targeting Fat During Weight Loss

Targeting Fat During Weight Loss

When we think of weight loss–we think of fat. We think of target or problem areas of “fat” and we fail to realize that this targeting fat is an illusion. Especially when it comes to exercising it off. What most people fail to realize is that you can’t exercise off fat in one target area and in fact, there is a chance that if you work out too hard and build muscle-it will be more noticeable in that area.

How to target fat the right way

Targeting fat means you lose it all over your body. There is nothing except maybe a drug that fights cortisol which is a hormone that causes belly fat. This also does not always work. You have to simply accept that there is an all over body fat trimming that needs to go on. So, here is the right way to do it.

Figure out how to target fat for your situation

Everyone is different and each person has a body fat composition that is different than others. Your metabolism is different and if you are a woman and you’ve had a baby–then for sure you have to take that into consideration as well.

For each person there is an optimal way of losing weight. Knowing things like your body mass index or BMI from one of the free BMI calculators online would help alot. The body fat percentage as well. And here is why–especially with women– they tend to get flabby and that could get worse if you are using the way your body “looks” to gauge your fat content. So, if you diet and workout, say with cardio–then you would be making the skin looser.

So, make sure you know prior to any weight loss and fitness plan whether or not you are toning flab or you need to be targeting fat. It is always a smart thing to lose and tone at the same time instead of waiting until you have lost it all and then of course spend more of your time at the gym. However, if you are doing the toning at the same time just remember you don’t want to build muscle–you just want to tighten the skin around the existing muscle to tone it. Targeting fat is an all over process that may take up to the last minute to get to your problem areas so don’t panic–if it doesn’t happen too fast-it will take its time to come back too!

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