Obesity Surgery Results Are Even Better with Regular Exercise

Obesity Surgery Results

Weight loss surgery is a great choice for individuals who are obese and who have tried other strategies for slimming down without any success. However, it shouldn’t be the only step that you take towards transforming your body. In fact, what you do after the procedure can have a profound effect upon your obesity surgery results, and experts have discovered that those results can greatly improve when you incorporate regular exercise into your lifestyle after undergoing bariatric surgery.

What You Should Know About Exercise and Obesity Surgery Results

When exercise is a part of a patient’s lifestyle after bariatric surgery, the individual is able to shed even more weight, as well as improve physical function, according to Medpage Today.

After analyzing data, experts discovered that, when individuals exercised for a minimum of a year after weight loss surgery, they were able to not only lose more weight, but also walk greater distances during a 6-minute walk test. Plus, their systolic blood pressure was lower, as was their resting heart rate.

How Can You Improve Your Obesity Surgery Results?

If you are planning on undergoing bariatric surgery, you might be thinking about what you can post-surgery to get even better results. First off, always follow your doctor’s specific instructions for what you should do to ensure proper healing. Then, once you are cleared to exercise, gently implement a routine into your daily life that will allow you to be more active. A mixture of cardio and resistance training is recommended, but you might want to work with a professional trainer who can guide you as you work on gradually building up your strength and stamina to prevent injuries. Once you establish this routine, aim to stick with it for at least a year, but if you can keep going with a consistent workout routine even after that first year after weight loss surgery, you’ll be doing even better things for your body and your overall health.

Beyond exercising, you can also help boost your obesity surgery results by focusing on what you eat every day. Experts recommend changing your lifestyle, as well as your dietary choices. Making healthier food choices is another key component to losing weight and keeping it off, including after undergoing weight loss surgery. Once again, you can employ the help of an expert, such as a nutritionist or dietician, who can help steer you in the right direction if you are at all unsure of what meal plans will be ideal for you and your weight loss goals.

Small Steps Make Big Changes

Experts are hoping to do more research into the effects that different habits can have on a person who has undergone weight loss surgery, but it has already been established that eating right and exercising can help you achieve even better results than you would get if you only relied on the surgery alone to slim down.

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