How Much Weight Loss to Expect from 60 Days of Adipex Use

Weight Loss in 60 Days with Adipex

If your doctor has told you that you can take Adipex, a prescription diet pill, to slim down because you’ve had a lot of trouble hitting your target weight with diet and exercise alone, you might be wondering how much weight loss to expect. And, because Adipex is one of those prescriptions that is best taken only for a short span of time, you might also be wondering how much weight loss you can achieve in 60 days. For the answer to this commonly asked question, check out the information below.

How Much Weight Loss to Expect While Taking Adipex

In general, experts recommend only losing around a pound or two per week in order to be able to maintain your health throughout your slim-down journey, and to avoid unwanted effects like dehydration, malnutrition, or electrolyte imbalances. But, how many pounds can you expect to shed while you are using Adipex?

Several studies have been conducted to try to figure out how much weight a person can expect to lose while using Phentermine, which is the generic name for brand name Adipex diet pills. Based on the findings, they have concluded the following:

  • You will likely notice that the results will be better and faster earlier in the course of treatment with Adipex. The rate of weight loss will probably decrease over time.
  • Generally, women who take Adipex to slim down can anticipate losing anywhere from 3-6 pounds every month.
  • Generally, men who take Adipex can expect to lose anywhere from 5-8 pounds each month.

How Much Weight Loss to Expect from 60 Days of Use

By looking at the information above, you can get an idea of how much weight you might lose when you take Adipex for 60 days.

  • Women might be able to lose anywhere from 6-12 pounds over the span of two months.
  • Men might be able to lose anywhere from 10-16 pounds in the course of 60 days.

No matter what, you absolutely should be following a low-calorie, nutritious diet while you are taking Adipex, and you should also be exercising regularly in order to get the best results.

Slow and Steady Is the Key

Remember, even though it might be tempting to try to a lot of weight in a really short span of time, slow and steady is the best way to go if you want to stay healthy along the way, and if you want to be able to give yourself time to establish healthy eating and exercise habits that will allow you to more easily keep the weight off. After all, it’s about not only losing the weight, but keeping those extra pounds off long-term.

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