Fitbit and Weight Loss: A Perfect Match?

Fitbit and Weight Loss

Wearable technology in the form of activity trackers have become a huge trend and just as people are monitoring the number of steps they take, they are also looking to the Fitbit and weight loss as a kind of perfect combination.

But is this really true? Is a Fitbit and weight loss a definite outcome? This wearable technology device was first launched in 2007 and the brand has now taken a wide lead in the fitness tracking industry. It has been dominating the sports and fitness category at Amazon for what seems like forever.

But being able to bring a Fitbit and weight loss together isn’t just a matter of wearing the device. In fact, just wearing it likely won’t do anything for you at all. The key is to use this gadget as a tool to help support your efforts in the right way.

To start, you need to know that this fitness tracker comes with an app that can be used over smartphones, tablets and computers. If you don’t use the app, the features you’ll be able to enjoy through the device are extremely limited. With the app however, you are able to record your physical activity data over time and you can combine it with the use of certain other compatible applications in order to track your food consumption as well.

In that way, you can track what you’re eating, know how many calories you’re burning, and keep yourself in a calorie-deficit condition so that you’ll continually lose weight for as long as you want, right? The answer isn’t quite that simple. While that is the goal, it’s important to note that there has yet to be a fitness band, smartwatch, smartphone app or even old-school pedometer that is perfectly accurate all the time.

Therefore, along with using your Fitbit as a tool, not a solution, to your weight loss needs, you also need to recognize that the feedback it is providing is meant to be used as a general guide and not as scientific fact. The odds are that your step count is off by a certain amount, your calorie burning estimate is likely high and your sleep tracking isn’t laser accurate. Still, when you use it to guide you as a whole and to watch your habits over time instead of looking at the feedback as though it is a precise record of exactly how you’re doing every day, it can be a fantastic tool to understand your habits and to motivate you to keep improving.

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