Desk Job Weight Loss Tips

Desk Job Weight Loss

Do you work long hours at a desk? Well, you aren’t alone! A lot of people have desk jobs that contribute to a sedentary lifestyle and can lead to unwanted weight gain. But, just because you have a desk job does not mean that you can’t keep your weight under control. Check out our desk job weight loss tips below to learn about a few ways that you can add more activity to your workday.

Get Up and Moving However You Can

It may seem that it’s impossible to keep up your efforts at work, but there are some great desk job weight loss ideas and tips. If you are stuck at a desk for most of the day then it may seem hopeless to continue your weight loss journey each day. You feel as though you are in a constant sedentary state and therefore may feel chained to your desk. Though this can be something that works against you if you allow it to, you can also turn it into an opportunity. Try to get up and get moving even for a few minutes and see how this can turn into another great way of losing weight.

One of the most important desk job weight loss ideas is to incorporate a bit of activity into your day whenever possible. The reality is that you are at your desk more than you’re not, but you can incorporate little breaks. Take five minutes away from your desk to go run the stairs a couple of times. Get up at a lunch break and go for a walk. Try to mix in little breaks where you can walk around the building or even head outside for a movement break. Climbing the stairs or walking briskly can be an excellent way to break up the day and keep the initiative going even with a desk job.

Even Just Standing More Can Make a Difference!

Another great desk job weight loss idea is to try standing rather than just sitting. You feel more alert when you stand and not only that but you are burning calories more easily. Stand during phone calls and then mix in some squats or lunges in between phone calls or meetings. Try to lift heavy objects while you are on the phone or just do some quick jumping jacks. The more that you can break into your daily activity with some short but effective activity bursts, the more effective this can be.

Pro tip: Try standing up for at last 30 minutes out of every hour. This can help reduce the health risks that come with sitting for too long, and it can also help burn more calories.

Or, Sit on an Exercise Ball

Try to work on an exercise ball if at all possible. In addition to standing you may wish to sit on an exercise ball and work to stabilize yourself. This can be easy on the back but also a great desk job weight loss tip to keep you moving and get your core in on the act. Place things out of reach so that not everything is right there at your fingertips. Make yourself work to get supplies, your lunch, or anything else. Get up to go see somebody in the building rather than email. Anything you can do to get up and get moving can make your day easier and more enjoyable, and can keep you going with your weight loss efforts for the long term.

Choose Your Parking Spot Wisely 

According to Insider, one of the easiest ways to get more steps into your day is by parking your car a little farther away from your building. That way, you can burn extra calories when you arrive for the workday and when you leave at the end of the day.

It’s simple, small changes like this that can add up over time. After all, every little bit of extra physical activity that you can get will be helpful if you want to maintain a healthy weight or lose extra pounds that you’ve been carrying. And, if it’s desk job weight loss you’re after, this is a must.

Other Easy Desk Job Weight Loss Tips That Are Worth Trying 

  • If you are usually tempted to snack, you might head to the vending machine in your office, but this is a bad idea because the snacks in those machines tend to be high in sugar, salt, calories, and fat. Instead, pack your own healthy snacks, such as nuts and seeds, dried and fresh fruits, a protein shake, etc.
  • Ditch the elevator and take the stairs instead. Sure, you can take the elevator every now and then, but make it a point to take the stairs more often than not. This can be yet another way to get more steps in, get more activity throughout the day, and burn more calories so you can keep the weight off.
  • Do you have a meeting with someone coming up? Why not plan to do it while you are both going for a walk, rather than sitting at a conference table? This can be a fun way for both of you to get more activity in, which is so important when it comes to desk job weight loss.

With these desk job weight loss tips, you can keep your body in shape, as well as avoid the weight gain that often comes with a job that forces you to be sedentary for most of the day.

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