Foods and Drinks That Cause Belly Bloat

Belly Bloat

Foods which cause belly bloat work differently. Some of the foods you consume can make your stomach fill up with gas, giving your abdomen an entirely new look and feel. Bloating may be temporary but it’s one thing which gives you immense horror. It is uncomfortable and makes your pants stick tightly to your waistline and further adds to your discomfort.

While some foods may cause temporary belly bloat, others add to long-term bloating and visceral fat storage, including:


Every time you visit a bagel store or a deli, you treat yourself to a big bagel made from 100% refined flour. There’s nothing wrong with a little refined flour but the size of the bagel is what causes increased levels of blood sugar and insulin and belly fat. If you cannot do without bagels, you can opt for a smaller bagel that you can enjoy without being too hard on your stomach and body.


Cabbage has long since been declared as a source of gas in the gastrointestinal passage during the process of digestion. It is the perfect starter for belly bloat. Vegetables like cabbage are comparatively easier to break down for the body and are easily digested if they are well-cooked so it is always a good idea to opt for cooked over raw when it comes to these vegetables. Eating it in a lower quantity may also help when you want to look your slimmest.

Carbonated Water

Two to three hours after drinking carbonated water and you are likely to feel your stomach has grown in size. Here’s a fact: carbonation gives your stomach a distended look and causes your clothes to hang closely to the midsection. If you drink carbonated beverages regularly, convince yourself to cut down to one a day.

Cola: Diet and Regular

Any cola drink comes laden with corn syrup, sugar and liquid sweetener, which leads to fat storage in the abdominal area. The liquid form of sugar immediately increases blood sugar and insulin levels. When the insulin is elevated, the body receives a signal to start storing the excess sugar in the form of fat. Your diet soda may not contain as much sugar but it is carbonated and contains artificial sweeteners which can be equally harmful and cause belly bloat.

These are some foods and drinks that cause belly bloat and you should do your best to avoid them.

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