How Will Your Doctor Decide if Adipex is Right for You?

Have you read a lot about the prescription diet pills for obesity patients that can help you lose weight more quickly and with less effort? You’ve likely come across the prescription weight loss pill known as Adipex. But how will your doctor decide if Adipex is right for you? Well, there are certain criteria that you will need to meet in order for this weight loss drug to be appropriate for you.  Your doctor will take each of those factors into consideration in order to make certain that the benefits of this medication will outweigh the potential risks of taking it.

Considerations Before Taking Adipex

Some factors that will help your doctor determine if Adipex is right for you are listed below.  These can help to give you an idea of what he or she will be looking for before prescribing these pills to you.

Your Past Weight Loss Efforts

One of the first things that your doctor will likely talk to you about is what you have done in the past to try to lose weight. If you have attempted to lose weight with a good diet and plenty of exercise, but you have been unsuccessful despite your efforts, your doctor might decide that Adipex is right for you. That’s because Adipex might be the missing link to your weight loss success, especially if you have been trying to lose weight for a long time without seeing any major changes on the scale.

Your Weight and Your BMI

Adipex is right for you if you are obese according to your BMI (Body Mass Index). This is a calculation of your weight in relation to your height. Your doctor will calculate your BMI accurately, as doing so will help him or her determine if Adipex will be the right course of action. This drug will typically only be prescribed to you if your BMI is 30 or higher.

Your Overall Health

Adipex can come with some serious side effects.  Moreover, it can also conflict with a number of different medications and medical conditions. Your doctor will also need to talk to you about your medical history, including any other health conditions that you are dealing with as well as any other medications or supplements that you are taking. After all, you don’t want Adipex to make an existing problem worse or create a health problem if you are at risk.

Overall, your doctor will need to evaluate you to determine if Adipex is right for you. If it turns out that Adipex isn’t the right choice, rest assured that there are plenty of other, safer weight loss supplements available, including those available without a prescription.

Generic Phentermine vs Brand Name Adipex

Phentermine, the generic version of Adipex, has long been the most commonly prescribed obesity drug in the United States.  These two medications contain the same active ingredient.  That said, your doctor may prefer one over the other for your obesity treatment.

You may also choose generic Adipex instead of the brand name version in order to make sure your drug plan will cover it (many plans won’t cover a brand name drug if there is a generic version available), or to make sure you’re paying the least amount for your treatment. Talk to your doctor to understand why one or the other has been selected for you.

What to Do When a Prescription is Not for You?

If you’re not obese but have an overweight BMI instead, then this is also a factor in how your doctor will decide if Adipex is for you.  For most people who are overweight but not obese, a prescription will not be your best option. That said, it doesn’t mean that you won’t still find the right support to help you as you pursue your weight loss goals.

The key is to choose a non-prescription diet pill that will support the way you intend to change your eating and exercising habits.  Many people benefit from additional energy boosts, metabolism support and even focus enhancement.